Monday, November 1, 2010

pumpkin patch

We tried out a new pumpkin patch this year thanks to livingsocial deals. We were able to enjoy an afternoon at the Kruger farm for a mear 32 dollars. We got to go through the corn maze, take a hay ride to the pumpkin patch,, pick just the right pumpkins, enjoy freshly roasted corn on the cob and dipped right in front of you caramel apples. It was well worth the wait we had to endure as we sat to get onto Sauve Island. We followed all the other cars, unloaded, when we finally got there only to realize we were definitely at the wrong farm!! So, back into the car, and a 5 minute drive down the road(which took us an hour to get down going the other direction) we were at the right place. It was fun to be able to spend some quality time together as a family!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Now, I know most of us have some addiction to something or other...I will admit that my addiction is reading blogs. I'm not so saavy about keeping my own blog updated but am definitely an addict when it comes to reading blogs. I love to keep up with old friends and family with what's going on in their lives and i'm always loooking for new recipe blogs and craft fact my list is long and I can spend a couple of hours getting updated on all the new postings. I have found so many cute things I want to make, we'll see if it ever happens. I have learned thrifty ways to do home make-overs, some of which I have used in my own home. I have learned some very yummy recipes that I have shared with friends and family. My name is Lori and I am a blogaholic and am willing to admit it!!

Now, Shule on the other hand has found his addiction to be...dun dun dun(insert music), none other than the fabulous, can you sense my sarcasm, game of World of War Craft. This man can spend countless hours glued to his computer playing this game!! I think I've clocked 6 hours at one time!! I don't know how he does it. He was so nice to introduce it to his brother while we were in Utah, sorry Deb and now they can both be glued to the computer for hours at a time. It's great. :) Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that he has found something that he likes to do, but for the last week he has been complaining of arm pain. Sharp pains shooting down his arm, his thumb and forefinger numb. He went to the doc this past week and doc says he has a pinched nerve. I honestly think it's because he sits in one position for so long playing his darned computer I have no phd or formal training but I think that if he stayed off the game for a week he might see some sort of improvement. Anyway...we are waiting to hear from the MRI specialist to get an appt to see what's going the meantime he will continue to IBprofin and vicadin up so he can continue to play his beloved game!!

School's back in session!

I can't believe that school's already back in session. The summer went by too fast!! What's even weirder, is that a word, weirder?? is that we now have a high schooler. I was too lazy to take pictures the first day of school but I will get some pics up soon. Sariah is in the 9th grade...a freshman already...CRAZY...Caylie started 7th grade this year and the boys are in 3rd grade. Spencer was spoiled all summer being home with the kids that he's back to an only child during the week again. I had wanted to get him into a preschool but that didn't happen...if any one in my neck of the woods knows of anything please let me know!! I am going to try and be better about posting as I know that's how some of you stay updated with our family happenings!!

our summer in review!

I can't believe another summer has passed. This year was such a weird summer weatherwise it doesn't seem like we had much of a summer. We spent the first part of the summer getting ready for our family vacation. We don't always get to take a vacation every year, but this year we were doing it and we were excited to go to Yellowstone with Shule's side of the family.

our family by a geiser

We rented a cabin about an hour outside of Yellowstone in what is called Island Park, Id. We got up early on a Monday morning and drove 12 hours to get to our destination. The kids did an awesome job in the car. There was minimal fighting and Spencer did well at entertaining himself and watching movies (thank goodness for portable dvd players). The kids were super excited to see all their cousins that they don't get to see very often. We spent the first night settling into the cabin and then Tuesday we all got up early and headed to Yellowstone. We got to see Old Faithful blow 2 times and explored some of the paint pots. There was so much more that I would have like to have seen but the kids were oober bored and were complaining so we decided too call it a day and head back to the cabin.We didn't see much wildlife while we were there. We saw a quick glance at a buffalo who was frolicking in the grass and this herd of elk. The kids wanted to see more animals but didn't want to drive the long distances in the park to go find them...go figure!Old Faithful, which erupts about every 74 minutes

Wednesday we rented rafts and most of us went floating the river. It wasn't the warmest day for this event to happen but it was fun nonetheless. The water was a balmy 52 degrees I believ and it was only 70 outside. It was a workout for sure...the wind was blowing just enough that if you stopped rowing you ended up going back upstream. I didn't bring the camera on this trip and I so wish I would have!!!

Friday we packed up and made our way to Utah but not before stopping at Bear World. The kids enj0y that place the most. You start off by driving through an open zoo of sorts. The animals are uncaged and can come right up to your car. We saw buffalo, elk, mountain goats, deer, moose, and of course bears!! it's basically most of the animals that you can see in Yellowstone all in one convenient location
This place was pretty cool, in fact we spent 3 hours there, and the kids could have stayed longer. Once done going through the park you can get out and they have a petting zoo with all kinds of animals...and carnival rides. You can feed all the aninals including ducks, fish, etc. I would highly recommend you go if you are headed that direction. You can drive through the park as many times as you please also!!

Saturday we went and enjoyed the Tripp family reunion. We figured that it had been about 8 years that we had been there as a family. Shule went a couple years ago without Sariah and I.
So, it was fun seeing everybody and playing at the waterpark. It's at the same place every year and it's sometime that we look forward to when we can go. The kids had a great time going on the waterslides and hanging out with their cousins that also made the trip down from Oregon!!

Sunday, we took the kids to a pretty cool, but extremely overpriced mexican restraunt for lunch. They have cliff divers that put on a show for you. The kids enjoyed the show and $125 later, lunch was done!!

It just so happens that that happened to be mine and Shule's 15th wedding anniversary that day also!! After lunch we were able to go visit with Shule's grandma and aunt, which was nice seeing them!! We had a great vacation!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We deicded to take the kids down to the beach for the day !! We chose to go to Seaside since it's only a 2 hour drive!!

The kids rode the carousel, it was Spencer's first time on one and he wasn't so sure about it. I had to end up getting on with him so he would feel more comfortable! We played on the beach, went shopping, ate ice cream and had a good time!!

More pics from our beach getaway!!!

An Early Anniversary

Shule and I were able to get away for a weekend in May...we decided that it was gonna be our pre anniversary celebration since we are gonna be in Utah on our Anniversary. We drove to Rockaway and stayed in a hotel there...This is the view from our hotel bed!!
We walked along the beach and then up to the old railroad track running through the town...Shule pulled out on the the nails as a souvenier!!
The next day we drove up to seaside but I forgot the camera so we didn't get any pics! We did get our pic taken at the old tyme photo shop...that was fun!! We spent the next day driving home but before goign home stopped at Tillamook, got some ice cream and some cheese curds!! This trip all made possible by my mom and dad who came to the house and stayed with the kids!